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Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated

by Aaron Lee Tasjan

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Songbird 03:54
Songbird (Aaron Lee Tasjan) One more day till I'm taking a walk One more night where I can't even talk One more night on these dirty sheets All wrapped up and ill at ease One more thought that I can't escape One more singer they love to hate One more ghost in the doorway waits To haunt my dreams and seal my fate Chorus There's a songbird singing I'm laying on the floor Something feels right that has never felt right before Christmas bells are ringing Here comes the girl next door Something feels right that has never felt right before One more dream I will put to rest You can't hold everything to your chest Your mind will wander Your heart will ache Your back will break Your hands will shake One more guy will say something strange Your ride to the high road is out of range Don't let the thing that kills you inside Throw your worst into overdrive Chorus One more soon to be has been smiles In anyone's shoes, you can walk for miles Then one day, strap on your own And find you have to walk alone Chorus
Strange Shadows (Aaron Lee Tasjan) Strange shadow Painted on her eyes She'll lose it when she cries In the rain Strange shadow She’s riding into town Where something can be found For the pain Chorus Well, I know it's never going away What comes around is here to stay Strange shadows on the trail Strange shadow There’s trouble at the door And ashes on the floor By ten o’clock Strange shadow In the corner of my mind Don’t draw the crooked line I’m made to walk Chorus Strange shadow Softly play the night Fearing not the light Of the dawn Strange shadow Hiding in the sun It will burn you if you run For too long Chorus
If Not Now When (Aaron Lee Tasjan & Dex Green) You sound like a radio station You’re lookin’ for a standing ovation You look like you could use a vacation You tried to pin a tail on the wind But you didn’t know where to begin And the room is starting to spin Chorus Over and over again You try and try to pretend That it’s never gonna be the end If not now, when? Working some holes in your shoes Trying to get over the news It’s nothing but a reason to lose All of your friends are asleep And you can’t buy karma for cheap And the cards say, “Read ‘em and weep” Chorus
Heart Slows Down (Aaron Lee Tasjan) The television psychic says you shoulda seen it comin’ The dealer’s dirty fingers are reaching for your money Bones just rattle like a dropped tambourine Everything sad is a little bit funny You called out the instigator But you never heard a thing It’s just busted wood and broke piano strings Chorus Honey, if your heart slows down Honey, if your heart slows down I will always be around I will always be around Honey, if your heart slows down You keep going back to all you’ve destroyed Till it washes you out from a river of joy Revolver plays over the thoughts in your head And paths to forgiveness you try to employ So take all your old tomorrows And find the worst to use Cause every precious thing must bend and bruise Chorus Well, the record is ending as you turn away Born of the ashes you left in the tray Lazy like smoke that hangs in the air As easy to see through and fading away So don’t you disbelieve it We all live in this world alone On doctors’ drugs just staring at your Jesus phone Chorus
End Of The Day (Aaron Lee Tasjan & Jeff Trott) Where’s that sweet angel I used to know? She traded her harp for a mansion on music row Little devil on my shoulder gives me a smile And I can’t tell you if he’s been there for a while I’ve lived on both sides of the river I’ve been both a saint and a sinner Chorus And I’m here to tell you There’s nothing you can really say It all comes down to How you’re living at the end of the day When did you decide to abandon your dreams? You couldn’t really live in someone else’s reality Now you’ve made up your mind and you’re walking away Cause you couldn’t stand yourself if you stayed for another day You left your home in Indiana And headed west for the Santa Ana’s Chorus At the end of the day At the end of the day At the end of the day At the end of the day
My Whole Life Is Over (All Over Again) (Aaron Lee Tasjan) Summer has surrendered, the boys are back in town The kids are going crazy, the deal is going down And I'd have to be a liar to say you never crossed my mind Cause I thought of you a shit-ton when I was doing time I got beat down by the system I got picked up by my folks I got drunk instead of crying It's my favorite little hoax This year the poetry was sloppy, this year everybody died America the beautiful, God's no longer on your side Chorus I finally got it where I want it and there's no need to pretend And my whole life is over, all over again Love is still the answer to a question never posed All dressed up for the let down in a dirty pair of clothes I fell in love so many times today and no one knew but me I'm a terrible secret keeper when there's secrets I must keep So, if I tell you one please promise as I promise this to you That a promise is a freak show and I'm a freak show, too And freaks though sometimes kept and put upon display Are often also broken in their funny little way Chorus Roll another number, cause what else can you do? When there's a pistol of opinions and it’s pointed right at you And though I never see it coming and feel foolish in the dark My eyes will often wander till I know it in my heart My mind is full of games, I haven't got the touch I think I don't know anything, I know I think too much And it's a good fight that I'm fighting, but God knows what I'm fighting for The kind of battle hymns I've written have all been sung before Chorus
Set You Free 04:05
Set You Free (Aaron Lee Tasjan, Yola Carter, The Mastersons) Your mind is a pool that I want to dive into This world is so full of these nothing kind of fools It’s a smoke screen scene and nobody knows what’s real Well, your heart’s in chains and your hands are off the wheel Chorus You’ve gotta change your mind, you’ve gotta plant the seed And let it set you free, let it set you free Open up your eyes, you can change the scene Let it set you free, let it set you free That geek of a freak that you keep all to yourself It’s time for them to come down off the shelf Before I see a tongue and the stars inside your eyes Telling tales of tears that they have yet to cry Chorus Well, you don’t understand what’s right in your hands No, you don’t understand what’s right in your hands Chorus
Crawling At Your Feet (Aaron Lee Tasjan & Audley Freed) Woe is me, for my heart is on fire It burns like a tire and there's nothing I can do All my deeds chained me to the radiator I’ll show you how it feels, when there’s evil on your heels Chorus Crawling at your feet With the hustlers and thieves Come to cut you at the knees There’s something in the sheets and it’s crawling at your feet Every night, I feel the evil urges The devil's got my number and the phone won't stop I hit the lights, I see my troubles slither Don't want 'em hanging 'round, I better not look down cause they're Chorus Sometimes you swing, but it's a little out of tune You drift off into space when you shoot for the moon You don't have to be the one, don't have to be the best But you better watch your step, when you're at the mountain's crest
The Truth Is So Hard To Believe (Aaron Lee Tasjan) It’s all in your head There’s no race to be won The world that you’re in, is a beautiful one With the sun in your eyes Through the golden haze You’re doing alright, in so many ways Chorus The truth is so hard, the truth is so hard to believe When you see yourself As somebody else It’s more than the mind can conceive The truth is so hard, the truth is so hard to believe All these troubles you bare You put on your shoulders Cross the river again, cause nothing is over When it rains in the heart You must weather the storm For the shadows will come in every form Chorus
The Rest Is Yet To Come (Aaron Lee Tasjan) Take it easy my friend, the rest is yet to come We’re rounding the bend, but there’s still work to be done You’ve gotta do it for yourself You can’t lean on anybody else So steel yourself, the rest is yet to come It’s a rainy parade, but the rest is yet to come And the colors all fade cause they have nowhere to run The long and lonely road ahead Is gonna make you wish that you were dead So steel yourself, the rest is yet to come We are living in a dirty world Nobody’s coming clean Good hearted people do terrible things When the end justifies the means You’re gonna wander out in the dark Shoot to kill and miss your mark But don’t be sad, the rest is yet to come Just be glad the rest is yet to come


released August 30, 2019


Aaron Lee Tasjan: guitar, electric guitar, piano, synth, and lead vocals
Patrick Damphier: drums, bass guitar, vibraphone, and vocals


Produced by Aaron Lee Tasjan and Patrick Damphier
Recorded by Patrick Damphier at Pentavarita in Nashville, TN
Mastered by Patrick Damphier at Pentavarita in Nashville, TN

A&R: Kim Buie
Management: Kathi Whitley and Ken Levitan - Vector Management
Booking: Brian Jonas - High Road Touring and Paul Fenn - Asgard
Business Management: Dawn Nepp - Provident Financial Management
Cover Design by Mike Fabio, based on original album artwork and photos by Curtis Wayne Millard
Cover photo by Joshua Black Wilkins



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Aaron Lee Tasjan Nashville, Tennessee

Aaron Lee Tasjan, aka ALT, is a songwriter and guitarist and performer. I'd stay away from him if I were you. Big trouble.


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